Education alumnus Richard Manzi is a teacher Richard Manzi '13: Teacher. Anselmian.
Saint Anselm student teaching high schoolersSaint Anselm student completes his student teaching at Bedford High School

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Welcome to the Education Department at Saint Anselm College. Saint Anselm College has been educating teachers since 1920. The Teacher Education Program offered at Saint Anselm College is designed to integrate liberal arts general education, specialized content major, and teacher education requirements.

Our programs emphasize a strong theoretical base and practical experience. Its strengths lie in the use of reflective practice, multiple opportunities for teaching in diverse classrooms, and extensive content knowledge. In doing so, it is not unusual that most of the student's electives must be utilized. For this reason early career decision and careful program planning are essential. Refer to the catalogue for specific course descriptions and plans of study.

Do you want to teach elementary school students?

Students who want to teach elementary students grades K-6, major in Education Studies: Elementary Education.

Do you want to teach middle or high school students?

Students who want to teach middle or high school students major in a content area and double major in secondary education.

Select one of the following content areas as your major: Mathematics, Chemistry, Applied Physics, Natural Science (state approval pending), History, English, Modern Languages (Spanish or French) or Classical Languages (Latin).

The Department of Education at Saint Anselm College prepares students for teacher certification in the content areas of: Mathematics (Grades 7-12), Chemistry (grades 7-12), Applied Physics (grades 7-12), Life Sciences (Natural Science; grades 7-12; state approval pending), Social Studies (grades 5-12), English Language Arts (grades 5-12), Modern Languages (French or Spanish; grades K-12) and Classical Languages (Latin; grades K-12).

Do you want to teach ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages)?

Students who want to teach English language learners in K-12, major in a content area and minor in ESOL.

Select one of the following content areas as your major: History, English, Modern Languages (Spanish or French) or Classical Languages (Latin).

New Hampshire has reciprocity agreements with approximately 40 other states, certification eligibility is extended to a considerably larger geographical area. It is an individual's responsibility to contact the state of choice in order to obtain licensing requirements and guidelines in other states. It is advised that the state of interest be contacted to confirm specific requirements that may differ from those within New Hampshire (e.g. grade point averages, professional experience, testing requirements, and passing thresholds, etc.)


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Laura M. Wasielewski Ed.D., Chair
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive #1751
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Why Major in Education?

Why major in education

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Alumni Profile

Alumnus Richard Manzi teaches at an all boys school in Massachusetts

Richard Manzi '13, education studies

Lots of time in the classroom prepared Richard Manzi for his first job: teaching math and science to fifth, seventh, and eighth graders at an all boys school. Read his story »