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The minor in English aims to help students read literature with greater expertise and appreciation and develop more fully their written and oral expression. Students will take a course that introduces them to the formal study of literature; two English literature period courses that cover canonical works within a historical context; and three electives that look closely at a genre, an author, or a specific aspect of a literary period. These courses will acquaint the student with a variety of literary works and periods and help them discern literature's intrinsic aesthetic and humanistic values. They will also provide ample opportunities for critical analysis and writing.

Required courses:

  • EN106 Introduction to Literary Studies

Two English literature period courses from the following:

  • EN233 (Medieval)
  • EN234 (Renaissance)
  • EN236 (Eighteenth-century)
  • EN237 (Romantic)
  • EN238 (Victorian)
  • EN239 (Modern British)
  • EN241 (Nineteenth-century American)
  • EN242 (Modern American).

Three electives in English, two of which must be in literature.