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Our Man in Kabul

Brendan O'Brien '95It was during a Spring Break Alternative trip to Vanceburg, Kentucky, that senior English major Brendan O'Brien realized he wanted to make a career out of service. Following graduation he join the Peace Corps which then led him to the United States Department of State.

Working for the Department of State, O'Brien was stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. As a press attaché and consular officer, he gathered international and local news for the ambassador, set up press events, and wrote press releases and talking points. He also accompanied the ambassador on trips throughout the region. As a consular officer, O'Brien was in charge of hiring staff, working with security for visits from the President and Secretary of State, and was a driving force in opening the visa section of the consulate for the first time in 30 years.

Currently, O'Brien is the Director of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management which means he and his team are responsible for the safety of 60 million U.S. citizens who travel and those 6 million who live overseas.

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