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The Voice of Chicago (Public Radio)

Lauren ChooljianLauren Chooljian's journey into broadcast journalism started early in her college experience with several hands-on learning experiences. All the steps she took at Saint Anselm prepared her for her current job as a morning reporter and producer at Chicago Public Radio.

She became involved right away at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, during presidential primary debates. As a freshman, she had the chance to interview then-senator Hillary Clinton. The summer after her junior year, Lauren won a competitive internship at CBS. She spent 10 weeks in Manhattan working on the network's morning news program. She worked side by side with the show's producer on everything from brainstorming to interviews to editing.

"I learned to think like a news producer," she says.

Those experiences were critical to her career. But Lauren also credits her Saint Anselm professors and the note-taking skills she honed in her college classes. "Taking a lot of information and boiling it down to compelling stories that listeners can understand is what I do every day," she says.

Former classmates and professors often hear her voice, as her stories are broadcast nationally. They're about politics, sports, culture, and the economy. Her authentic voice comes through in all her work. Turning 25, she launched a series called "Year 25: Sharing Stories form a Milestone Age," in which prominent Chicagoans from all walks of life talk about what they were doing at their quarter-century mark.

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