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Choral SingersMusic students focus on the history and theory of music, exploring historical genres and periods represented in different cultures and styles.  Music students develop skills in theoretical analysis, listening perception and analysis, and music composition.  Senior Music students complete a thesis project in history or theory and composition, working in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Major Requirements: 10 courses/40 credit hours (See possible major emphases below.)

Music Emphasis Requirements


  • Four Departmental Requirements:
    • FAH110 Introduction to Art
    • FAS110 Drawing
    • FAH490 Senior Seminar
    • FAS491 Professional Studio Practice
  • Three Studio courses chosen from the following:
    • FAS220, FAS230, FAS240, FAS250, FAS252, FAS270, FAS272, or other 200-level Special Topics courses.
  • Two Advanced Studio Courses chosen from the following:
    • FAS210, FAS274, FAS340, FAS372, FAS376, FAS378
    • Studio Art Special Topics courses (OR)
    • Independent Study
  • One Fine Arts Elective selected from:
    • Art History (FAH)
    • Music (MU)
    • Theatre (FAH/EN, FAS/EN)

Students who demonstrate adequate knowledge of music theory fundamentals may take a placement test to enroll directly in MU111: Advanced Music Theory. Students with little or no background will first enroll in MU110: Introduction to Music Theory as a pre-requisite to Advanced Music Theory. (MU110 may be counted as a Music Elective in this case.)

Course Sequence - Classes of 2015 - 2017

Please refer to the College Catalogue and consult with your academic advisor for recommended course sequencing. Revised graduation requirements for each graduating class can be found in the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
Language Language
Freshman English Elective - FAH, FAS, or MU course
Major Course Major Course

Subsequent years will be planned in consultation with an advisor in relation to individual student's needs and interests, including internships and study abroad programs.

Students will select courses in conjunction with an advisor, selecting core courses, major courses and electives to fit the individual student's interests and field of emphasis. If necessary, substitutions may be made for required emphasis courses with permission of the advisor and/or department chairperson.

A student who wishes to major in Fine Arts after the first semester of the junior year must have permission of the Fine Arts Department Chair, who will also consult with appropriate faculty in the student's selected major area of emphasis. Transferring late to the major may result in enrollment in additional courses in summer school and/or a later graduation date.