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Studio Art

illustrations by Jenna Jarosz

Studio Art students learn the practical technical skills and creative processes of artistic expression through hands-on experience in various media, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, graphic design, ceramics, and mixed media. Studio artists practice inventive problem solving and creative thinking, as well as effective visual communication. Studio Art seniors complete a thesis project in a chosen medium, working in consultation with studio art faculty mentors.

Studio Art Emphasis Requirements

  • Three Departmental Requirements: FAH101 or FAH110, FAS110, FAH490.
  • One Art History course: FAH220 or FAH222.
  • Four Studio courses chosen from the following: FAS220, FAS230, FAS240, FAS250, FAS252, FAS270, FAS272, or Special Topics Studio courses.
  • Two Advanced Studio Courses chosen from the following: FAS210, FAS274, FAS340, FAS372, FAS376, FAS378, Studio Art Special Topics courses, or Independent Study.
  • Two Fine Arts Electives selected from Art History or Music courses.

Recommended Course Sequence