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Our faculty believe strongly in direct interaction with students, and many of our students develop lasting relationships with faculty that continue well beyond the four years spent at the college. This close link between students and faculty is one of the distinct advantages of an education at a small, liberal arts college like Saint Anselm.

Art History

Prof. Kate Bentz

Katherine M. Bentz
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University. Art History

My love for teaching and research is fueled by my passion for the study of art of all periods of history, but especially the art and architecture of Renaissance Italy, my area of expertise. My research focuses on Rome during the 16th-17th centuries.

Prof. Katherine Hoffman

Katherine Hoffman (chair)
Ph.D. New York University. Art History

My specialty is Modern art history, primarily art of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially the history of photography and film. I am interested in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural connections, and the role of art in cultural diplomacy. I have a background in photography and painting, and have had published and exhibited my work.

Studio Art

Prof. Kimberly Asbury

Kimberly Kersey Asbury
M.F.A. Boston University, College of Fine Arts. Painting

My interests as an artist range from observational drawing and painting to mixed media, artist books, installation, photography, and printmaking. I teach what I love and encourage students to study a breadth of media. My courses feature service-learning and community engagement, allowing students to hone professional skills while helping local organizations.

Prof. Rachelle Beaudoin

Rachelle Beaudoin
M.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design. Digital + Media

As an artist, I use video, performance, and photography to explore diverse topics including fashion, internet culture, feminine iconography, and popular media. I use software such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro to produce images and videos that express my ideas, invite questions, and demonstrate my own experience.

Prof. Meagan Bogonovich

Megan Bogonovich
M.F.A. University of Montana. Ceramics

I like to tell intimate stories with my clay sculptures. I like to feel like I am sharing a quiet and detailed secret, one that you want to lean in and listen to.

Prof. Josh Dannin

Josh Dannin
M.F.A. Ohio University. Printmaking

I am an artist working primarily with letterpress and woodcut printmaking. Continuously transitioning between analog and digital processes, I'm interested in the conversation between modern technology, traditional craft, and mass production.

Fr. Iain MacLellan, O.S.B.

Fr. Iain MacLellan, O.S.B.
M.F.A. Graduate School of Figurative Art at the New York Academy. Painting

I am the director of the Alva de Mars Megan Chapel Art Center at Saint Anselm College. I also teach courses in drawing, portraiture and Renaissance techniques.

Prof. Elsa Voelcker

Elsa Voelcker
M.F.A. Visual Studies Workshop. Photography

I am an artist working in black and white photography using film and gelatin silver papers, to take portraits. I shoot nature digitally and sell images as cards or large prints. I am most interested in conveying to students the fun of expressing and exploring one's identity through the choices one makes when photographing.


Prof. Sharon Baker

Sharon Baker
M.M. New England Conservatory. Voice

Teaching and performing are equal passions of mine, and I believe that the singing voice has an infinite capacity for dramatic and lyrical beauty. I teach many genres of music with an emphasis on healthy singing and artistry through scholarship. In my career as a classical soprano, I specialize in Baroque performance practices of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as contemporary American music. That being said, I count solos with the Boston Pops among my favorite performing experiences!

Prof. Eric Bermani

Eric Bermani
M.A. Saint Joseph College. Church Music and Liturgy

Director, Saint Anselm College Choir

A native of Swampscott, Massachusetts, I was appointed music director for the Diocese of Manchester and Director of Music and Organist at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in September 2008.

Prof. Elizabeth Blood

Elizabeth Blood
M.M. Florida State University. Accompanying/Chamber Music and Opera Coaching

As a pianist, I greatly enjoy performing, teaching and all manner of sharing music with others. Music in a powerful art form: it offers opportunities to express oneself creatively, promotes beauty in the world and within oneself and, perhaps most importantly, connection among people.

Prof. Heather Braun-Bakken

Heather Braun-Bakken
D.M.A. Boston University. Violin Performance

I am a violin educator and performer throughout the New England area, and first violinist of the Arneis Quartet. I strive to help my students find and nurture their individual musical and expressive voice through the violin, and pass along the tools and techniques my teachers taught me to help create the next generation of violin artists.

Prof. Benjamin Fox

Benjamin Fox
D.M.A. Boston University. Oboe Performance

Much of the joy in playing music comes from conveying one's thoughts and feelings through an instrument. My goal is to help students sing and to share ideas so they can express themselves in ways they've yet to conceive. Through diligent practice, attention to detail, and a sense of exploration, one's imagination transforms into beautiful music.

Prof. Rebecca Jeffreys

Rebecca Jeffreys
M.M. Catholic University. Flute Performance

I am a flutist who specializes in both solo and ensemble settings. In my studio, I teach the fundamentals necessary to attain a high degree of artistry in any musical style. I seek to empower my students to reach for their musical dreams and share their talent.

Prof. Francis Kayali

Francis Kayali
D.M.A. University of Southern California. Music Composition

I am a French-American composer with a catalog of compositions that includes vocal works, chamber music, music for wind band, chamber orchestra, symphony orchestra, as well as electro-acoustic works.

Prof. Molly Lozeau

Molly Lozeau
M.M. Boston University. Collaborative Piano

Ever since I discovered the piano at age ten, music blossomed into something I wanted to explore for the rest of my life. Music also blossomed into something I wanted to help others explore. I actively strive to perform and teach at a high, professional level. Through my regular performing, I become a more flexible, experienced teacher.

Prof. Sean Parr

Sean Parr
Ph.D. Columbia University. Music History

As someone who feels extremely fortunate to have a life in music, I want to invigorate students' passion for music. In addition to teaching music history from the Middle Ages to the present, I teach courses covering a variety of genres such as classical music, American music, musical theater, and rock and roll. My specialty is opera.

Prof. Nicholas Pothier

Nicholas Pothier
M.M. Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. Ensemble Arts: Vocal Accompanying

Being a pianist has allowed me many irreplaceable experiences as a musician. Teaching and studying solo piano music is not only artistically rewarding, but it also gives great insight into the minds of great composers. I believe collaboration is equally important in expanding artistry and in achieving a greater understanding for others.


Prof. Landis Magnuson

Landis Magnuson
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Theatre History

I specialize in theatre direction, acting for the stage, and American theatre history. I have served as the director of the Anselmian Abbey Players since fall of 1988.


Donna Hume

Donna Hume
Faculty Assistant
(603) 641-7250

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