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Marvin Sweet, ceramics professor in Fine Arts, died unexpectedly on June 26, 2010. We've posted a memorial page to celebrate the life of Prof. Sweet.

Prof. Marvin SweetMarvin Sweet received his B.A. from Hawthorne College and M.F.A. from Boston University. He is an award-winning ceramist and the author of numerous articles on artistic influences shared between Eastern and Western cultures. His book The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar was presented by President Hu Jintao, People’s Republic of China, as a cultural exchange gift to Yale University.

Professor Sweet’s ceramic work has received many prizes and awards including the Artists Foundation Fellowship Award and the Massachusetts Cultural Council Professional Development Grant. He has been featured in numerous books, magazines and catalogues. His work appears in public and private collections both here and abroad.

He teaches all levels of ceramics at Saint Anselm College. The introductory course helps students begin to appreciate ceramics in technical, aesthetic and historical terms. More advanced levels encourage and challenge students to develop a better understanding between technical processes and the subtleties and complexities of conveying an idea.

His main interest is to give students the ability to make sound aesthetic judgments about images and objects.  Instead of imposing a personal aesthetic attitude, he encourages students to read, to look at the work of great masters, to study the natural world, and to learn through the experience of their own work. In an effort to broaden a students’ scope he shares the perspective of his experience. If this is done in a nurturing and challenging environment it will encourage a student to give their best effort. His goal is to help students acquire knowledge and gain confidence to address problems in a creative and significant way.

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