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Web Design

The interdisciplinary Web Design Minor provides students with the knowledge and skills required to design and develop web sites. In the course of their studies students will learn how humans process information and how to graphically represent information in a useful and meaningful way. Upon completion of this Minor students will be prepared to design and develop web sites as communication tools for people to use and experience.

The minor is offered through the cooperation of the Computer Science, Fine Arts and Psychology departments. Students interested in this minor should contact the program chairperson, Dr. Carol Traynor of the Computer Science Department. Dr. Traynor's office is located on the second floor of Poisson Hall Room 205. She can also be contacted at or 656-6021.

Minor Requirements

  1. Full-time degree candidates from any major.
  2. Formal registration for the Minor should be completed not later than the second semester of the junior year.
  3. A minimum cumulative grade point average of "C+" is required at the time of registration or permission of the program director.
  4. Successful completion of six courses selected from the lists below, (2 computer science, 2 fine arts, 1 psychology and one other from any of the disciplines). No course for which a grade of less than "C" is earned will be accepted toward the minor.
  5. To complete the minor students will write a short paper explaining how these three disciplines are interconnected in relation to web design.

Course Requirements

Students will complete a total of 6 courses and write a final paper for the minor. Students must take 2 Computer Science courses, 2 Fine Arts courses, 1 Psychology course and a sixth course from any of the three disciplines involved in the minor or another course approved by the chairperson of the minor. Students may replace the sixth course by a 1-credit internship that is directly related to web design. Internship placements need to be approved prior to starting the internship.

Computer Science Courses


  • CS205 Fundamentals and Issues of Using the Internet


  • CS338 Internet and Web-based Systems

Pick at least one other course from the list below

  • CS101 Digital Literacy
  • CS250 Human Computer Interaction
  • CS355 Computer Graphics

Special Topics, Independent Study, or other course as appropriate and approved by the Minor chairperson.

Fine Arts Courses


  • FA376 Art and Design for the Web

Pick at least one other course from the list below

  • FAS266 Digital Imaging and Computer Art I
  • FAS274 Graphic Design I
  • FAS278 Visual Communication
  • FAS375 Typography

Special Topics, Independent Study, or other course as appropriate and approved by the Minor chairperson.


Students must pick one course from the list below with PY304 strongly recommended or get approval from the director of the minor to substitute another psychology course.

  • PY101 General Psychology
  • PY211 Cross Cultural Psychology
  • PY304 Cognitive Psychology
  • PY315 Social Psychology

Pick a 6th course from any of the above that are not already taken. Students may also petition to have another course counted as the final course if it contains relevant material and is approved by the Web Design Minor committee.

Web Design Minor Committee