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A minor in History is intended to introduce students to a nuanced understanding of historical events as well as the methods of historical study.

Students pursuing the history minor are encouraged to follow their interests by either gaining broad knowledge of the past of various world cultures or by focusing on the study of a particular region or period of time. To complete a minor, students must take five history courses, no more than one of which may be at the 100 level.

American Studies

A minor in American Studies introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of American (typically the United States) civilization. American Studies minors ask broad questions about the nature of American culture, civilization, and identity. Students of American Studies are challenged to question why American culture developed as it did and to explore what influences have shaped this nation's identity.

Students are required to take five courses overall, distributed according to the following guidelines. Here is the list of eligible courses:

AS100 Introduction to American Studies At least one History course, chosen from the list of eligible courses.

At least one Politics or one Sociology course, chosen from the list of eligible courses.

At least one English or one Fine Arts course, chosen from the list of eligible courses.

One additional course chosen from the list of eligible courses.

Students may choose courses from among the following list of eligible courses. Courses whose catalog description or title does not specifically mention American require approval of the director. Special topics courses not listed here may also be approved by the director.

CJ209 Criminal Law
EC243, Money and Banking
EC345, Economics of the Great Depression
EN241 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
EN242 Studies in Twentieth-Century American Literature
EN243 Studies in Postmodern American Literature
EN245 Studies in African-American Literature
EN341 Special Topics in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
EN342 Special Topics in Twentieth-Century American Literature
EN393, American Autobiography
FAH222, Contemporary Art
FAH230 The Arts of the United States and the Americas
FAH258, History of Photography
MU240 American Music
MU241 American Music Theatre
MU242, Studies in Film Music
MU243 Studies in Jazz History
MU246 History of Rock Music            
HI104 The Peopling of America
HI106 US Presidency
HI250 US History to 1877
HI251   US History since 1877
HI350 Colonial North America
HI351 Jacksonian America: 1824-1850
HI352 The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877
HI353 Emergence of Modern America: 1877-1929
HI354 Contemporary America
HI355 Modern American Foreign Relations
HI356 The Old  South
HI357  US Labor History
HI358 History of New England
HI359 American Women's History
HI360 Irish America
HI385 Vietnam War
HI374 Special Topics courses
PH323 Philosophy of Education
PH341 American Philosophy
PO102 American Government
PO211 Executive Branch Politics
PO212 Constitutional Law
PO219 State and Local Government
PO235 American Foreign Policy
PO255 Campaigns and Elections
PO353 Politics of Diversity
PO355 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
PO358 American Political thought
PO446 Selected Topics in American Politics
PY207 Psychology of Gender
PY209 Political Psychology
SO202 American Society
SO205: The Family
SO206: Social Problems
SO228: Sociology of Health & Illness
SO230: Social Movements
SO309: Gender & Society
SO330: Race and Ethnic Relations
SO335: Law & Society
SO342: Social Inequality
SO343: Economy & Society
SO344 Political Sociology
TH220 Religion in America