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Classical Archaeology

The Classical Archaeology minor is offered by the Classics department. The minor seeks to put students in contact with the material cultures of Greece and Rome and peoples closely associated with them. Tools will be provided to reconstruct the ancient life-ways of these peoples as well as skill development in the interpretation of ancient social, political, and economic systems.

The minor assists students for graduate study in anthropological archaeology, classical archaeology, cultural resource management, and historical preservation. It also provides any student with a strong intellectual interest in archaeology with a structured introduction to this field.

Required Courses

CL275 Introduction to Archaeology
CL/FA210 Ancient Art and Architecture
CL/FA276 The Archaeology of Greece and Rome
HI311 History of Greece or HI 312 History of Rome
CL278 Archaeological Fieldwork

Select one course from the following

CL222 Classical Mythology: Gods
CL223 Classical Mythology Heroes
CL231 Survey of Greek Literature
CL232 Survey of Latin Literature
CL260 Ancient Law
CL262 Ancient Athletics
CL250 when an archaeological topic
FAS110 Drawing I and FAS111 Drawing II are strongly encouraged.

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