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Environmental Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Environmental Studies minor integrates scientific, political, economic, and social aspects of environmental issues. It examines the long-term effects of human action on ecological patterns and processes. The curriculum provides students with the theory necessary to approach and evaluate environmental problems and the tools needed to develop and implement solutions to the problems. Students are encouraged to become actively engaged in their local, regional, and global communities.

Minor Requirements

The student should discuss the program with the Environmental Studies minor director and register by the end of the fifth semester at Saint Anselm College. To enroll, a student must have a grade point average of 2.33 or higher and be a full-time, degree candidate not majoring in environmental science.

To be awarded this minor, a student must:

  1. Achieve a grade no lower than a C in all minor courses.
  2. Earn an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.33 in all minor courses.
  3. Complete two core courses: BI305 Biosphere at Risk and PO315 Politics of the Environment.
  4. Complete three elective courses, with at least one each from the sciences (BI319, BI320, BI328, BI329, BI340, CH260, PS102, PS103) and social sciences (EC141, GE216, PO214, SO06, SO34).
  5. Pass a comprehensive exam based on material from core and elective courses completed in the Environmental Studies minor.
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