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Gender Studies Minor

The minor in Gender Studies gives students the methodological and theoretical tools to analyze gender's role and significance in the social, political, and personal formation of the human person. Students will explore gender through various lenses, such as the arts, humanities and social and natural sciences. Gender Studies aims to provide its students with a critical framework in which the analysis of gender and all it entails can be imaginatively and empathetically applied to students' public and private lives.

Minor Requirements

  1. Students must take five courses to fulfill the minor in Gender Studies.
  2. At least three of the five courses must be outside their major.
  3. Courses must cover at least three different academic disciplines. 
  4. Students who wish can count an internship or service learning experience specifically focused on gender as one of their five courses. This requires advance planning and conversation with the minor coordinator, and an academic paper.
  5. Students who write a course paper or thesis that is specifically focused on gender may submit that paper for review by the Gender Studies Committee for acceptance toward one of their five courses even if that course that is not listed as a Gender Studies course.
  6. Students are eligible to select participation in the Gender Studies minor at any time.  They must, however, register with the minor coordinator by end of the drop add period in the fall of their senior year. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 at the time they register for the certificate.
  7. Students need to complete all five courses by the end of their senior year and they must achieve at least a 2.33 grade point average for the courses presented for the minor.

The comprehensive oral examination uses the students' answers to these questions as starting points and branches into specific questions taken from the courses that students took to complete the minor. Examiners will include instructors of gender studies courses, and they will assign the pass/fail grade.

In order to make the minor possible for students, at least one gender-related course should be offered every semester, and each year there should be gender-related courses offered in humanities, social and/or natural science departments. The director of the minor will actively review suggested course syllabi and add or delete courses as necessary.

Possible Minor Courses

  • CJ361: Women and Crime
  • CJ367 Special Topics:  Women in Prison
  • EC222: Women and Men in Business
  • EN104: Various topics (The Warrior in Literature, 20th-century American Fiction by Women Writers, The Male Image in Literature, Reading and Writing About Family) (this course may not be repeated in order to fulfill the minor requirements)
  • EN325:  Gender and Communication
  • EN336: Jane Austen
  • EN338: The Brontës
  • EN370: Literature and Gender (to be developed)
  • FAH270 Special Topics: Women Artists
  • FAH264 Special Topics: The Family in Art and Film
  • FR371: French Women Writers
  • FR Special Topics: Masculinity in French Literature
  • HI359: American Women's History
  • HI390: Comparative Women's History
  • PY207: Psychology of Gender
  • PO353: Politics of Diversity
  • SO205: The Family
  • SO309: Gender and Society
  • SO342: Structures of Social Inequality
  • TH330: Women in the Catholic Tradition
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