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Neuroscience Minor

Neuroscience challenges us to understand the complex interaction between biology, behavior, and society. This minor recognizes a student's appreciation and understanding of physiological and psychological concepts relative to understanding the human condition. An interdisciplinary committee oversees this minor.

Minor Requirements

  1. The student must be a degree candidate at Saint Anselm College.
  2. The student must formally register for the minor with the chair of the minor committee no later than the first semester of the junior year.
  3. A minimum of a C+ (2.33) cumulative grade point average in the major (based on a minimum of 3 courses) at the time of formal registration for the minor.
  4. The student must complete five courses with a minimum grade of C (2.00) in each individual course presented for the minor. The student must have a minimum grade point average of C+ (2.33) in all courses presented for the minor.
    1. The student is required to take Physiological Psychology (PY305).
    2. The student is required to select from one of the following Psychology courses: Psychology of Addiction and Dependency (PY205) OR Health Psychology (PY206) OR Cognitive Psychology (PY304) OR Abnormal Psychology (PY307) OR Psychology of Learning and Motivation (PY313).
    3. The student is required to take Pharmacology (BI346).
    4. The student is required to select from one of the following Biology courses: Developmental Biology (BI324), Genetics (BI327) OR Cell Biology (BI333) OR Animal Physiology (BI334) OR Animal Behavior (BI335) OR Invertebrate Zoology (BI338).
    5. The student is required to take Modern Philosophy (PH231) or Philosophy of Mind (PH324) or Philosophy of Science (PH331).
  5. The student must successfully complete a comprehensive written exam.

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