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Mathematics with Economics

The objectives of the Mathematics curriculum are: to develop the attitude of mind required for efficient use and understanding of mathematics; to enhance student ability to problem-solve with the aid of quantitative models; to use technology to provide stimulating opportunities for the student to experience mathematics independently as a pattern-seeking science; and to provide sufficient background for further studies in mathematics and related disciplines.

Course Sequence

Freshman Year
Humanities I Humanities II
Freshman English 103 Freshman English 104
Science Science
Language Language
Mathematics 170 Mathematics 180
Sophomore Year
Humanities III Humanities IV
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Language Language
Mathematics 210 Mathematics 220
Economics 142 Economics 141
Junior Year
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Economics 241 Economics 242
Mathematics 310 Mathematics 450
Mathematics 330 Mathematics 340
Elective Elective
Senior Year
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Mathematics 410 Mathematics 420
Economics 243 Economics Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective