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Prof. Tsai

Jessie Tsai, M.A. (Lecturer)
Chinese Studies

M.A., National Taiwan Normal University


Prof. C. Wakaba Futamura

C. Wakaba Futamura
Assistant Professor, French Studies

Ph.D., Rice University, French Studies

As an Assistant Professor of French, my goal is to help students acquire and gradually perfect reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills while guiding them in broadening their understanding of Francophone cultures and recognizing how this knowledge intersects with and elucidates interdisciplinary world issues.

Prof. Leapley

Nicole Leapley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, French Studies

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

My research interests lie at the intersection of literature, history, and religion in the Middle Ages. Currently, I am studying thirteenth-century royal saint's lives to see how literary patronage intersects with political power as well as how representing witnessing and sanctity in particular ways allows the authors I study to subtly shift the focus of their text, effectively blurring the lines between biography and autobiography.

Prof. Rossbach

Susanne M. Rossbach, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, French Studies

Ph.D., Free University of Berlin, Germany

My area of specialization is nineteenth and early twentieth-century French literature. I have mainly published on dandyism, gender, and narrative technique in the works of Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly, a late nineteenth-century Catholic author. I have also worked on French fascist literature of the interwar years (1918-39), focusing on issues of gender and narrative violence in the works of Pierre Drieu la Rochelle. My most recent research interests center on French women writers of the late eighteenth century.


Prof. Feldhaus

Julia Feldhaus, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, German Studies

Ph.D., Rutgers University

My specialty is women's writing and aestheticism in the 20th century. My research interests also include Popular and Visual culture, Women's Studies, and Film. Currently, I am is working on two articles: an investigation into the New Woman's use of makeup as a tool of aesthetic expression in Vicki Baum's play Pariser Platz 13 (1931), and an analysis of the motif of the mother in Irmgard Keun's novel Gilgi-Eine von uns (1931).

Bro. Andrew

Brother Andrew Thornton, O.S.B., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, German Studies

Ph.D., Stanford University

I delight in introducing students to German language, whose sounds and structures have fascinated me ever since I began studying it. My main scholarly interest is the practice of translation, especially of ancient, biblical and medieval texts. I have published a translation of the poems of the first woman to write in a European vernacular, Ava, and a translation from Latin of the first rule for those who wish to lead the solitary, enclosed life.


Prof. Spitzer

Catherine Anne Spitzer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Russian Studies

Ph.D., McGill University

My research interests include 19th and 20th century Russian literature, the Golden and Silver Ages. My articles and conference presentations are primarily in those areas. I have published the first translation into English of a memoir by a prominent Russian Symbolist, Andrei Bely, In the Kingdom of Shadows, and am presently working on another translation of the same author's work. I am also very much keeping current on new developments in language acquisition.


Prof. Mendez-Faith

Teresa Méndez-Faith, Ph.D.
Professor, Spanish Studies

Ph.D., University of Michigan

My teaching, research and publications reflect my interest and training in both language acquisition and Hispanic Literature and Culture. I specialize in Contemporary Latin American Literature, particularly in the areas of 20th Century Narrative, Paraguayan Literature, the Theater, Women Writers, and Hispanic Literature and Culture through Film.

Prof. Elizabeth Fouts

Elizabeth Fouts, Ph.D. (chair)
Associate Professor, Spanish Studies

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

My field of interest is twentieth and twenty-first century Spanish literature for adults and adolescents.  The pervasive and lasting effects of the Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco on the literature of Spain are of particular interest to me.  I continue to follow the latest trends in Spanish adult/adolescent literature in authors such as Elvira Lindo. Translation is another significant field of interest for me, having worked in Madrid as a translator for TNT at Spanish television (TVE).

Prof. Jimenez

Lourdes N. Jimenez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Spanish Studies

My academic interests mainly focus on Spanish female writers of the XVI and XVII centuries including authors of novella, poetry, and manuscripts dedicated exclusively to the establishment of female prisons. I am particularly interested in historical women, as well as, female characters that challenged the traditional social order including: the Virgin Mary, the female warrior, the warden and a few notorious criminals.

Prof. Orrego

Jaime A. Orrego, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Spanish Studies

Ph.D., University of Iowa

My research focuses on the question of violence in Colombian literature.  I use a semiotic approach that focuses on the interactions between cultural space, individual desire and the events that unfold in the narratives. Through this approach I develop a typology of narrative demonstrating how the view of the city, countryside, class system, and modernization constantly shifted perspectives while remaining profoundly engaged with the local realities in Colombia.

Spanish Instructors/Lecturers

Prof. Delgadillo

Marigen Delgadillo, M.A. (Lecturer)
Spanish Studies

M.A., University of New Hampshire

Prof. Hevey

Gregory G. Hevey, M.Ed. (Lecturer)
Spanish Studies

M.Ed., Rivier College

Prof. Sullivan

Carmen M. Sullivan, M.A.T. (Instructor)
Spanish Studies

M.A.T., Rivier College

Prof. Turner

Renée E. Delgado-Turner Ph.D. (Lecturer)
Spanish Studies

Ph.D., Boston University

LRC Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
Michaela Olsen
(603) 641-7008

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