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Bro. Andrew Thornton, O.S.B.

1984 - Ph.D., Stanford University, German Studies and Humanities

I delight in introducing students to German language, whose sounds and structures have fascinated me ever since I began studying it.  My main scholarly interest is the practice of translation, especially of ancient, biblical and medieval texts. I have published a translation of the poems of the first woman to write in a European vernacular, Ava, and a translation from Latin of the first rule for those who wish to lead the solitary, enclosed life.

My other interest is the thinkers and texts of ancient China, including Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Zhuangzi and the Dao De Jing.

I am a Benedictine monk. I joined the Saint Anselm faculty in 1981 and am organist for the college and Saint Anselm Abbey.

Areas of Specialization: Linguistics, Medieval Theology and Literature, Translation

Courses Taught

  • in the Department of Modern Languages
  • GR101 - 102 Elementary German
  • GR201 - 202 Intermediate German
  • GR320 Tales of the Brothers Grimm
  • GR323 Translating German Prose
  • in the Philosophy Department
  • PH346 Confucian Thinkers
  • PH467 Texts of Daoism

Contact Information

Bro. Andrew
Bro. Andrew Thornton, OSB
Associate Professor, German Studies
Department of Modern Languages
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 641-7183

Office: 434 Alumni Hall

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