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Teresa Mendez-Faith

1979 - Ph.D., University of Michigan. Spanish Studies.
1974 - M.A., University of Michigan. Spanish Studies.
1971 - B.A., University of Michigan. Spanish Studies.

Research Interest and Background

My teaching, research and publications reflect my interest and training in both language acquisition and Hispanic Literature and Culture. I specialize in Contemporary Latin American Literature, particularly in the areas of 20th Century Narrative, Paraguayan Literature, the Theater, Women Writers, and Hispanic Literature and Culture through Film. Visit my personal webpage for more information about my personal and academic backgrounds, links to sites of literary and cultural interest, as well as links to online versions of some of my books.


Following is a list of courses that I regularly teach.

  • SP 201-202: Intermediate Spanish I and II
  • SP 353: Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • SP 356: Intro. to Latin American Culture and Civilization
  • SP 358: Intro. to Spanish-American Literature
  • SP 366: Contemporary Spanish-American Literature
  • SP 367: Hispanic Short Story

Following is a list of courses I have taught in the past and/or teach from time to time

  • SP371-372: Selected Topics in Spanish
  • SP400-401: Spanish Senior Seminar
  • SP301-302: Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • SP365: Modern Spanish-American Literature
  • SP371 ST: Latin American Women Writers
  • SP371 ST: Works by Isabel Allende
  • SP372 ST: Contemporary Latin American Theater
  • SP372 ST: Latin American Literature and Film
  • SP400 Senior Seminar: The theme of "the conquest" in Latin American Literature
  • SP 401 Senior Seminar: Hispanic Nobel Winners in Literature
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