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Language Placement Exam

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who intend to take either Spanish or French as their foreign language, and who have completed classes in those languages in high school, need to take the language placement exam.

Those students who attended summer advising received login instructions in their packets. Students who were unable to attend summer advising should receive a letter in the mail with their username and password, and login instructions.

  • Follow the instructions below, or download a one page instruction sheet (PDF/483KB)

Taking Your Language Placement Exam

The test should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

  1. Navigate your web browser to the language placement exam site.
  2. Enter the password: placement (case sensitive), and click Login.
  3. Choose your language from the dropdown menu, and then click Begin.
  4. In the question form, enter your answers as accurately as possible. The ID number field refers to your student ID number, which is the 6 number username you use to log in to the Portal. When you are done, click Continue at the bottom.
  5. You will first receive a Practice Test Item, which will be labeled as such, with instructions on how to complete the exam. Choose your answer, and then click Submit Answer.
  6. Answer the questions thoughtfully, and to the best of your knowledge. Keep in mind that this is a placement exam, so do not "cheat" by looking things up or by asking a friend.
  7. You will receive a summary of your exam upon completion, along with your total points, and instructions on how to retrieve your score at a later date. Go to your browser's File menu, and choose Print. Make sure your printer is turned on, and check the print settings, then click OK. Click Finish when you are done.

If you forget to print your results, you can repeat steps 1 through 3, then complete the first portion of the question form exactly as you did the first time, and click the Resume button. You will be brought directly to your results page.