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German Studies

German is the most spoken native language in the European Union, and the economic and cultural influence of Germany, Austria and Switzerland is worldwide. Facility with German language and familiarity with German culture and Weltanschauung are essential in today's globalized economy.

The Major in German Studies combines a strong foundation in German language with a range of study in allied disciplines. The major consists of 10 courses, five advanced courses in German language, including GR301 and GR302, and five from at least two other academic departments which center on the thought, art, history and achievements of people from German-speaking lands. At least five of the courses must be taken at Saint Anselm College.

New in fall 2012: German Studies major

Students pursuing this new major will achieve a command of German language that will enable them to read and understand unedited texts from German language media, literature and scholarship. This command will inform their work in other areas of study that treat of the history, literature, philosophy, politics, religion, art and culture of the German-speaking peoples.