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Julia Feldhaus, Ph.D.

2010 - Ph.D., Rutgers University
2007 - M.A., Rutgers University
2004 - Erstes Staatsexamen, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Professor Feldhaus specializes in women's writing and aestheticism in the 20th century. Her research interests also include Popular and Visual culture, Women's Studies, and Film.

Currently, she is working on two articles: an investigation into the New Woman's use of makeup as a tool of aesthetic expression in Vicki Baum's play Pariser Platz 13 (1931), and an analysis of the motif of the mother in Irmgard Keun's novel Gilgi-Eine von uns (1931).

Professor Feldhaus teaches Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced German, as well as the topics courses German Culture through Film, Business German, and (upcoming in Fall 2012) Contemporary German Storytellers.

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