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The Program of Concentration in Spanish is designed to provide the student with a level of proficiency applicable to a variety of  professional situations, giving the student insight into the thought patterns of  Spanish and Spanish-American cultures.

Major requirements must include:

  • oral and written control of the Spanish language
  • familiarity with major movements in Spanish and Spanish-American literature, and basic understanding of  the historical and cultural development of Spain and Spanish America.
  • A minimum of eight semester courses beyond Spanish Semester III (SP 200) are required and must include:
    • Spanish Semester IV (SP 300)
    • Spanish Writing Workshop (SP 350)
    • at least two literature courses (one in Spanish and one in Spanish-American literature)
    • two culture courses (one in Spanish and one in Spanish-American culture)
    • two additional 300-400 level courses in Spanish

Comprehensive Examination: Th culmination of the Spanish major is an oral and written comprehensive examination.

Majors work closely with their advisors to create an individualized reading list designed to summarize the course work that they have completed.  The questions for the written examination will be taken directly from their reading list, while the oral exam will be a clarification of those responses, carried out in Spanish. 

Study Abroad: Spanish majors will be required to attend a semester or summer immersion program in a Spanish speaking country of their choice.  A maximum of four courses taken during that study abroad experience will be counted toward the major and they are limited to two culture courses and two additional 300 level Spanish courses.

SP 300, SP 350 and a minimum of two literature courses must be taken at Saint Anselm College. 

Course Sequence - Classes of 2015 - 2017

Please refer to the College Catalogue and consult with your academic advisor for recommended course sequencing. Revised graduation requirements for each graduating class can be found in the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
Core Course Freshman English
Elective (investigate minor or second major) Elective (investigate minor or second major)
Major Language Course Major Language Course