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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I sign up for Native Speaker sessions?
You register for Native Speaker sessions online during your course registration. You select a Native Speaker session right after you enroll in your language course.

Where can I find the schedule for Native Speaker sessions?
You can see the schedule for Native Speaker sessions on the portal and on the website under the course schedules for the semester.  All sessions start with NS and then the letters and numbers for your course, for example NSSP100 (no spaces between letters and numbers) for Spanish course SP 100. You can search for Native Speaker sessions of all languages and levels that way.

What if I have to change my schedule and have a conflict with my Native Speaker session?
You can change your Native Speaker session online during the drop/add period.

How do I enroll in a Native Speaker session for an advanced level course Level 300 and higher?
NSFR300, NSGR300 and NSSP300 indicate level 300 and higher Native Speaker sessions for students in all level 300 courses numbered 300 and higher of the respective language.

What do I do if am taking two (or more) advanced courses of the same language?
Students enrolling in two or more courses of the same language must enroll in one Native Speaker session for each language course they are enrolled in. Each session should be with a different Native Speaker. You can enroll in the first Native Speaker session online and ask the Registrar's Office to place you in the other Native Speaker session(s). 

How many Native Speaker sessions do I have to take if I enroll in two courses of a different language?
You have to enroll in one Native Speaker session for each language course you are enrolling in.

When are Native Speaker sessions held?
In the fall and spring semester Native Speaker sessions start on the first day of the second week of classes. After that Native Speaker sessions are held whenever classes are in session up until and including the very last day of classes.

Do I have to attend the same Native Speaker sessions every week?
Yes, you are expected to attend the same session each week (the one you have signed up for.) It is not acceptable to ‘float' to another Native Speaker session, as this will be counted as an absence.

What happens if I miss my Native Speaker session?
Attendance at Native Speaker sessions is mandatory and absences will be counted. Missed Native Speaker sessions can be made up during the week they were missed. Only students with scheduled Native Speaker sessions on Thursdays and Fridays are permitted to make up missed sessions on Monday and Tuesday of the week following the absence.  All make up sessions must be with your own scheduled Native Speakers.

What happens if I don't make up the missed session in time?
Absences are recorded every week. You will not be allowed to make up the missed session later than Friday of the week of the missed session (Tuesday of the following week for Thursday and Friday sessions). There is no penalty for your first absence however further absences will affect your Native Speaker and/or language grade.

Can I make up a missed session with another Native Speaker?
No, missed sessions have to be made up with your regularly assigned Native Speaker.

How do I schedule a make up session?
You can find a session on the portal (course search), ask your Native Speaker, come to the LRC and check the schedule or ask us to help you find a session that fits into your schedule. Then just attend that session.

I have been sick and missing my classes. What should I do?
You should communicate with the Office of Academic Affairs about your situation. The dean will notify your professors and your Native Speaker that your absences are documented. If you have documented absences for which your Native Speaker has received notice by the Office of Academic Affairs, that documented absence is excused and will not count against you.

I was sick and missed a session. Does it count?
Yes, it counts as an absence unless your Native Speaker receives an email from the Office of Academic Affairs that your absence was documented.

I was excused because of participation in a sports event or college event. Do I have to make the missed session up?
Yes. If you missed your Native Speaker session because you were excused from your other classes due to participation in a special event (sport, debate, etc.) you are nevertheless expected to make up the Native Speaker session either in advance or later that week.

How is the Native Speaker session graded?
Your Native Speaker session will count 10 % of the final grade for your language course. Your grade will be based on:

  • oral ability
  • progress
  • participation
  • preparation
  • attendance

What are the penalties for absences not made up?

  • 1 absence: no penalty
  • 2 absences: drop one grade (B to B-)
  • 3 absences: drop two grades (B to C+)
  • 4 absences: drop three grades (B to C)
  • 5 absences: automatic grade of F for Native Speaker session
  • 6 absences: automatic grade of F for Modern Language course

If you still have questions, please come to the LRC, email or call. We are here to assist you.

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