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The Native Speaker program complements classroom study of a foreign language by giving students the opportunity to use the target language in a setting that models real-life situations. In small groups that are relaxed and conducive to interaction, students develop their speaking and listening skills as they converse with one another and with a Native Speaker whose voice, vocabulary, and cultural background help to provide a mini-immersion experience that can foster fluency and confidence in speaking the target language.

The Native Speaker Program at Saint Anselm College is a mandatory component of all Modern Language courses in all languages and levels.

Students enrolled in more than one language course must enroll in a Native Speaker for each course they take. In addition, each Native Speaker session should be with a different Native Speaker.

A. Grading:

You will receive a grade for your Native Speaker session, which will count 10% of the final grade of your language course. Your grade will be based on:

  • Oral ability
  • Progress
  • Participation
  • Preparation
  • Attendance

B. Attendance:

  1. Attendance at Native Speaker sessions is mandatory. In the fall and in the spring semester Native Speaker sessions start on the first day of the second week of classes. After that Native Speaker sessions are held whenever classes are in session up until and including the very last day of classes before holidays and the end of each semester.
  2. You are expected to attend the same session each week (the one you have signed up for). It is not acceptable to 'float' to another Native Speaker session, as this will be counted as an absence.
  3. In case of any scheduling conflicts with other academic courses, please immediately contact the LRC Coordinator to reschedule and avoid penalties for absences.

C. Make-up of missed sessions:

To remove an absence, a missed Native Speaker session must be made up with your own scheduled Native Speaker during the week the absence occurred, however students with scheduled Native Speaker sessions on Thursdays and Fridays are permitted to make up missed sessions on Monday and Tuesday of the week following the absence.

All make up sessions must be with your own scheduled Native Speaker. No other make ups are allowed.

D. Scheduled and Documented absences:

  1. If you miss your Native Speaker session because you were excused from your other classes due to a documented participation in a special event (sport, debate, etc.) you are nevertheless expected to make up the Native Speaker session either in advance or later that week with your own Native Speaker (see section C, Make-up of missed sessions).
  2. If you missed your scheduled Native Speaker session due to a documented absence for which the Native Speaker has received a notice from the Office of Academic Affairs (other than the above D-1.) that documented absence is excused. It will not count against you and does not have to be made up.

Penalties for absences not made up:

  • 1 absence: no penalty
  • 2 absences: drop one grade (B to B-)
  • 3 absences: drop two grades (B to C+)
  • 4 absences: drop three grades (B to C)
  • 5 absences: automatic grade of F for Native Speaker session
  • 6 absences: automatic grade of F for Modern Language course

Revised May 2016

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