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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Department of Nursing offers three programs in nursing education: a four-year baccalaureate program, a RN-to-BSN program to current RNs holding an associate degree in nursing, and a continuing nursing education program. The degree program in the department leads to the bachelor of science degree in nursing (see course sequence below). Courses in the department are not applicable to the bachelor of arts degree.

Course Sequence: Ordinary course sequence for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Freshman Year
Humanities I Humanities II
Freshman English 103 Freshman English 104
General Psychology 101 Philosophy/Theology 100
Elementary Biochemistry 107 Introduction to Professional Nursing 110
Intro to Sociology 101 Microbiology 108


Sophomore Year
Humanities III Humanities IV
Philosophy/Theology 100 Nursing Care of the Elderly and Chronically Ill 127
Health Assessment & Fundamentals of Nursing 126
Pathopharmacology I 238
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Elective #1


Junior Year
Adult Medical Surgical Nursing 236
Critical Care Nursing 340
Pathopharmacology II 239
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 343
Human Growth & Development 315
Statistics 212/ Med Ethics 371
*Ethics/Elective #2
Ethics/Elective #2



Child Health Nursing 341

Nursing of Childbearing Families 342

Statistics 212/Med Ethics 371

Ethics/Elective #2



Senior Year
Critical Care Nursing 340 Community as Client 449
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 343 Nursing Synthesis 450
Professional Nursing 448 Philosophy/Theology
Statistics 212/Med Ethics 371 Elective #3
Child Health Nursing 341
Nursing of Childbearing Families 342
Professional Nursing 448
Statistics 212/Med Ethics 371


*Ethics 107 should be taken before Med Ethics 371
**Philosophy 105 and 107 should be taken before philosophy elective