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Blended Learning

Blended learning is an exciting alternative to traditional face-to-face learning, however, online classes may not be appropriate for everyone. Online classes are very different from traditional classes in terms of the nature of class interaction, the presentation of materials and the overall learning experience. Some students find blended learning a convenient, positive and rewarding experience; others are frustrated by the experience and have difficulty succeeding in this type of course.

Possessing certain qualities will increase your opportunity for success in blended learning.  Taking the survey below may help you to decide whether blended learning is right for you and you are ready for it.

  1.   I am self-disciplined. I can work on my own and not be easily distracted.
  2.   I am self-motivated to learn. I don't need stimulus from other students or being face to face with my instructor to motivate myself.
  3.   I have the time-management skills to balance online coursework with my professional and personal responsibilities.
  4.   I am willing to commit my time and effort to online courses (8 hours and up per week per course).
  5.   I have good writing and communication skills.
  6.   I have good reading skills. I can read a book to learn how to do something.
  7.   I feel comfortable discussing issues and asking questions in an open forum.
  8.   I have strategies to get the most from the course study materials such as text book, study guide, syllabus, etc.
  9.   I can benefit from direct instructor feedback.
  10.   I feel comfortable using the computer to browse the web, download online materials, and create Word and PowerPoint document
  • If you responded "yes" to eight or more of these statements, blended learning is a suitable option for you.
  • If you responded "yes" to between six and eight of these statements, you may succeed in a blended course with some effort. 
  • If you responded "yes" to five or less of these statements, blended learning may not be the best option for you at the moment.  You can learn more about other campus-based programs that meet your needs.