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Peace and Justice Studies

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The Peace and Justice Studies major requires the following courses. The minor requires students to take PJ101 and PJ302. In addition, electives can be found from the descriptive and normative/theoretical course listings. Read more about the Peace and Justice Studies major  and/or minor.

101 Introduction to Peace and Justice
This course introduces the study of peace and justice from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics include: violence, refugees, peace-building, and others.

301 Theories of Peace and Justice
This course is a survey of major theories of peace and justice from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, sociology, and politics. Emphasis may include ancient Greek philosophy, biblical, liberation theories, contemporary theories justice, Catholic social tradition and others.

302 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
This course provides an introduction to the study of conflict and its resolution by exploring the basic theoretical concepts of the field. Students will also learn and practice skills for intervening and resolving conflicts.

400 Senior Seminar
The senior seminar course will focus on readings and discussion on topics in peace and justice studies. Each student in consultation with the instructor and other seminar participants will select a topic based on previous work in the major. Appropriate reading and discussion questions will be assigned for each of the topics. Students will prepare and present a seminar paper and lead discussion on their individual topic.


BI305 Biosphere at Risk PO224 International Organizations: United States
BI328 Conservation Biology PO230 The Politics of Rich and Poor States
CH120 Chemistry and Society PO248 Public Policy Process
CH260 Environmental Chemistry PO250 Gender and Politics
CJ102 Comparative Models of Justice PO353 Politics of Diversity
CJ/SO221 Deviance & Social Control PY209 Political Psychology
CJ223 White Collar Crime PY211 Cross Cultural Psychology
CJ231 Juvenile Justice System SO204 Sociology of Aging, Dying, & Death
CJ350 Victims of Crime and Social Injustice SO206 Social Problems
CJ361 Women & Crime SO230 Social Movements
CJ367 Special Topics (subject to approval of program director) SO255 Social Welfare: Poverty & Public Policy
EC222 Women and Men in Business SO309 Gender & Society
EC245 Labor Economics SO330 Race & Ethnic Relations
EC343 History of Economic Thought SO333 Sociology of Genocide
GE212 Cultural Geography SO334 Global Society
GE221 Economic Geography SO335 Law & Society
HIXXX Any history appropriate to theme SO342 Social Stratification: Structures of Social Inequality
PO106 International Relations SO343 Economy & Society
PO214 International Law SO351 Special Topics (subject to approval of program director)


CJ201 Theories & Practice of Punishment PO275 Human Rights
CJ225 Law in Theory & Practice PO347 Justice and War International Relations
PH Integrated Studies Seminar: Social Justice PO356 Liberalism, Pluralism, and Community
PH240 19th Century Philosophy PO442 Selected Topics
PH332 Political Philosophy PO359 Contemporary Christian Political Thought
PH333 Business Ethics PO201 The Problem of Freedom
PH335 Philosophy of Law SO325 Social Theory
PH343 Marxism TH354 Liberation Theology
PH450 Philosophy Seminar (subject to approval of program director) TH372 Christian Social Ethics
PH455 Integrated Studies Seminar (subject to approval of program director) TH369 Special Topics (subject to approval of program director)