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Majors and Courses

Three Majors

The Department of Politics administers three majors spanning the disciplines of environmental politics, internation relations and politics.

  • Environmental Studies
    A diverse set of courses is offered that combines both the social sciences and natural sciences to help students develop skills to address global issues.
  • International Relations
    The IR major offers students an interdisciplinary course of study including bilateral, multilateral, and global politics, comparative systems, international law, and regional and universal institutions.
  • Politics
    Politics majors complete studies in each of the four fields within the discipline — American government, international relations, comparative government, and political theory.

Curriculum and Minors

The Politics Department offers a diverse array of courses providing a comprehensive study of political science. Saint Anselm College also offers an interdisciplinary minors in campaign management, public policy study, and international studies.

For the liberal-arts major with a general interest in the study of politics and governing, the introductory non-majors course, "American Government", examines the consitutional framework, institutions, and political processes of American government. In addition, "International Relations" provides an investigation of the scope and methods of international politics.