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Politics Minor

This minor introduces students to the main themes, issues, and questions of governance and public policy. It covers the theoretical and practical dimensions of affairs of state and the relations between the state and citizenry on local, national, and international levels. It is designed to introduce students to the core of the discipline and, with three free electives, to give students the option to focus on any of its subfields.

The minor requires completion of six politics courses.

Students must complete three of the core courses of the politics discipline. This requirement is as follows:

  1. PO102: American Government
  2. Either:
    PO104: Comparative Politics, or;
    PO106: International Relations
  3. And, either:
    PO208: Elements of Political Theory: Classical, or;
    PO209: Elements of Political Theory: Modern.
Students must complete any three courses from any of the other offerings of the politics department.