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General Psychology I-II
Introduces the student to the science of human and animal behavior. The scientific basis of psychology is examined. Basic topics covered are biological and cognitive foundations of behavior, individual differences, measurement techniques, personality theories and development, motivation and emotion, normal vs. abnormal behavior, perception, and learning. Prerequisite: Psychology 9 or Psychology 10.

Experimental Psychology: Research Methods and Design I-II
Methods of designing and conducting behavioral experiments. Psychological methods, data collection procedures and analysis are presented in laboratory exercises. The second semester is devoted to laboratory projects in which close cooperation between students and faculty results in completing individual studies.

History and Systems of Psychology
The historical roots of the development of modern psychology are entertained. Major areas include the behavioral and cognitive revolutions. Additionally psychoanalysis and reactions from the developing field are considered. Current topics and their roots include neuroscience, perception and intelligence. Prerequisite: Psychology 9-10 or permission of the instructor.

Psychology of Learning and Motivation
Major topics include classical and operant conditioning and their applications. Associative, cognitive and vicarious learning are also considered. Additional topics include motivation, drives and incentives. Major theorists and their contributions to learning are discussed. Prerequisite: Psychology 9-10 or permission of the instructor.

Psychology of Addiction and Dependency
The psychological aspects of addiction and dependency are surveyed. The concept of addiction is entertained as related to the physical and psychological aspects of addictive behaviors. Substances that modify human behavior and emotions are studied as they relate to psychopathology and the functioning of the healthy individual. Psychological diagnosis and treatment of addiction and dependency are stressed.

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