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Brain Science for Soldiers

Marianna EddyMarianna's attraction to neuroscience began when she was an Undergraduate Research Scholar at Saint Anselm. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Tufts University and did postdoctoral work at MIT. There, she focused on reading development and dyslexia in children.

She is now working at the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) as a cognitive neuroscientist. Scientists at NSRDEC research and develop equipment and technologies that support U.S. forces.

Recently Marianna visited a training site where she got a first-hand look at the challenges that soldiers face. Her team examined how wearing up to 60 pounds of full protective armor while completing various physical tasks impacts cognitive performance.

"It's an incredible amount of responsibility but it's really worthwhile because it may have an impact on someone's life," she says.

In addition to working with the U.S. Army, Marianna is an instructor and visiting scholar in the Spatial Cognition Laboratory at Tufts University.

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