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Dennis MacDonald, Ph.D.

1985 - Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, Sociology
1976 - M.A., University of New Hampshire, Sociology
1972 - B.S., University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Philosophy and History

I have been on the faculty at Saint Anselm College since 1985. I teach courses in Social Problems, Global Society, Juvenile Delinquency and Introductory Sociology. My research focuses on global society and globalization, human ecology, social and economic rights and social philosophy.

In addition to teaching and doing research, I serve as chair of the Sociology Department, member of the Faculty Senate, member of the Gender Studies Minor and Environmental Studies Minor committees. I also serve on the faculty of the Peace and Justice Studies major. My off campus activities include singing in the Manchester Choral Society.

My research includes A Reconstruction of the Complete English Language Text of Roderick D. McKenzie's Our Evolving World Economy (1926); "FDR's Second Bill of Rights - Neglected Philosophical Issues;" (Co-authored with Gerald Ginocchio); "Human Ecology and the Emergence of Global Society" in The Legacy of the Chicago School of Sociology. (Christopher Hart, editor); "People, Places and Things: A Different Conception of the 'Social' in the R. D. McKenzie's Human Ecology;" "Objectivity and Global Values: Insights from the Objective Idealist Tradition;" "Pioneers in Global Sociology: R. D. McKenzie and E. Ahrens;" "Globalization, Values and Cultural Diversity: The Approach of the World Social Summit."

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Prof. Dennis MacDonald
Dennis W. MacDonald
Department of Sociology
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

Phone: (603) 641-7122
Fax: (603) 656-6198

Office: 5 Bradley House