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Program Overview

The primary objective of the Sociology Internship Program (SO454 and SO455) is to provide selected Junior and Senior sociology majors and non-majors with a supervised, professional and academic experience that will complement their liberal arts training at Saint Anselm College.  This internship experience will provide students with the opportunity to develop and apply their academic knowledge and skills to their internship setting.


Junior and Senior Sociology majors and non-majors must have at least 2.0 GPA in their major and at least a 2.0 GPA overall.  Students who do not meet the major GPA requirement must receive approval by the Internship Coordinator and the Chair of the Sociology Department.


Beginning the Spring Semester of their Junior year, selected Junior Sociology majors and non-majors will have the opportunity to select a one-course (124 hours) internship for non-sociology elective credit. Beginning the Summer Semester of their Senior year and including the upcoming Spring Semester of that Senior academic year, Junior and Senior Sociology Majors and non-majors can select a two-course and/or one-course internship for non-sociology elective credit.  The two-course internship requires the completion of 224 hours or approximately 16 hours a week for a given semester.  The one-course internship requires the completion of 112 hours or approximately 8 hours a week for a given semester. NOTE: The College's financial aid program is not available for Summer school.

Sociology majors and non-majors can receive elective course credit  for a total of 9 credits (3 elective courses)  by either taking SO454, a 6 credit Internship (2 course elective credit)  and SO455, a 3 credit Internship (1course elective credit) or  three 1 course Internships.

Interns are expected to start their internships the first week of the Spring or Summer Semester  and work until the end of that semester.  The exact days and hours will be determined by the internship agency supervisor, the student and the Sociology Internship Coordinator. All Sociology Internships are for academic credit, however a sponsoring agency may choose to pay or financially sponsor a Sociology Intern.


All Sociology Internships are for elective credit and said credit does not count toward the completion of the course requirements for the Sociology Major.

At all times, the Interns are expected to perform in a professional manner, conforming to the acceptable norms and regulations at the sponsoring agency.  That is to say, the student is expected to follow the regulations pertaining to confidentiality, appropriate dress and manners, respect for property, etc.

Absences by Sociology Interns are not permitted except for very serious reasons and both the agency supervisor and the Internship Coordinator must be notified by Interns of their inability on that date to be present.  Sociology Interns are entitled to the regular College holidays and vacation periods, but they must inform the agency supervisor during the first week of the internship of their unavailable dates.
During the semester Sociology Interns will meet with the Internship Coordinator, either in person or via our Sakai site.  Academic assignments related to this Internship will be posted on our site at the beginning of the Semester. The Internship Coordinator will meet and/or confer with the agency supervisor at least once during the Spring semester or more often if necessary.

Sociology Interns are solely responsible in submitting to the Internship Coordinator all academic assignments by the end of the Semester.

Sponsoring Agency:

The agency offering placement is expected:

  1. To provide the Intern with work experiences at a professional level;
  2. To assign a supervisor the first week of the internship to meet with the Intern to discuss and complete the Department's "Internship Program Proposal" regarding the goals of the Internship, the duties and knowledge/skills development for the Intern, the supervisor's role and responsibilities to the Intern, and any other special requirements. The supervisor is expected to regularly meet with the intern to discuss the intern's progress and to constructively advise/guide the intern to perform at an optimum level.
  3. To have the supervisor available to meet with the Internship Coordinator at a mutually agreeable time and place at least once during the semester.
  4. The supervisor is also expected to complete and return the provided Sociology Department Internship Evaluation form to the Internship Coordinator by the last week of semester.


The final grade is based on the supervisor's evaluation, the internship coordinator's evaluation, "Discussion Board" participation, student's journal and written assignments. Interns will receive a letter grade for their final grade (i.e. A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, F).

Contact Information

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Sara Smits Keeney
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
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Phone: (603) 641-7127
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