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Michael W. Smith

1993 - J.D., Northeastern University School of Law
1992 - Diploma, Diploma Paris Institute in International & Comparative Law, University of San Diego Law School
1983 - Ph.D., Northeastern University, Sociology
1980 - M.A., Northeastern University, Political Science
1978 - B.A., Suffolk University, Government

Since 1999, I have been a professor in the Sociology. In 2009, I became the Sociology Internship Coordinator for majors and non-majors. From 1981-1990, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, West Germany, and Turkey for the University of Maryland and Boston University oversees programs, as well as doing evaluation research on quality of health care and family support programs for the U.S. Air Forces-Europe. My travels to Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Lebanon, and most importantly Turkey, dramatically shaped my views on culture, race, ethnicity, religion, politics and social justice. The "Cold War" ended on my watch and the people of Eastern Europe were freed from the totalitarian of communism. Complementing my academic interests and values, I have practiced criminal defense, civil rights and immigration law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1993.


Based upon my biography, it should be no surprise that my areas of teaching are related to social justice, law and society, race, ethnicity, religion, terrorism, and genocide. My primary commitment is to my students, to create an environment whereby my students critically analyze issues from a socio-historical and socio-political perspective. Our social contract, professor and students, will transcend their undergraduate years, we have a social contract with no expiration date!


  • Convictions without Justice: From Condemnation to Exoneration.  (Co-authored with John A. Humphrey).  Contract signed with Charles C. Thomas Publisher, LTD.
  • "Defining the reasonableness and intrusiveness of searches: An examination of the influence of   the target of the search and the perceived danger."  (Co-Investigator with David Mackey).
  • "Safford Unified School District v. Redding:  School Strip Searches, Misogyny and the influence of Justice Ginsburg."
  • "The Demise of Criminal Jury Trials:  The Rise of Criminal Bench Trials and Plea Bargaining's Abandonment of Truth and Justice."

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