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Program Overview

Internship Program Objectives

The primary objective of the Sociology Internship Program is to provide selected senior sociology majors with supervised academic experience in a professional setting in the community which will enhance their liberal arts training at Saint Anselm College. The internship experience will provide students with the opportunity to apply and develop, in the work place, intellectual skills in communication analysis, value formation, and problem solving learned in the classroom.


Senior sociology majors with at least 2.3 GPA in their major and at least a 2.0 overall GPA. Students who do not meet the requirements must receive department approval.


The internship program constitutes the equivalent of two (2) courses in sociology at Saint Anselm College. Students are in placement for sixteen hours a week for one semester. The exact days and hours are determined by the agency and the student. The schedule, in part, depends on the agency needs and the student's schedule. An internship is for academic credit only. Under no circumstance may pay be given by a sponsoring agency to a student intern.

Ordinarily, the internship is an addition to department course requirements. Absences are not permitted except for very serious reasons, in which instance both the agency supervisor and the internship coordinator must be notified. Students are entitled to the regular college holidays and vacation periods.
There are three scheduled seminars with the internship coordinator during the semester. Additional meetings with students, on an individual basis, are scheduled as needed.

The internship coordinator meets with the agency supervisor at least once during the semester, and more often if indicated.

During the last week of placement the student submits to the internship coordinator a critique of the experience, relating it to the student's academic background.

At all times, the student is expected to perform in a professional manner, conforming to the regulations normally incurred at the sponsoring agency. That is to say, the student is expected to follow the regulations pertaining to confidentiality, appropriate dress and manners, respect for property, etc.

Sponsoring Organization

The agency offering placement is expected:

  1. To provide the student with work experiences at a professional level;
  2. To assign a supervisor to meet with the student at regular intervals and give to the student the time and guidance needed for the student to function at an optimum level. The supervisor is expected to be available to meet with the internship coordinator at a mutually agreeable time and place at least once during the semester. The supervisor is also expected to provide the internship coordinator with a written evaluation of the student. This evaluation is due during the last week of classes.


The final grade is based on the supervisor's evaluation, the internship coordinator's evaluation, participation in seminars and the student's paper. Letter grades are used (i.e. A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E).