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Social Work

The Social Work minor equips students with the tools to: effectively engage in self-reflective social work practice to ensure an accepting, nonjudgmental and empowering approach with clients; better analyze social beliefs and attitudes regarding unmet human needs and current societal responses to those needs; apply important theories of human behavior to improve understanding and responses to individuals and groups; and assess social interventions.

Requirements for the Social Work minor include seven courses - four Social Work courses, Introductory Sociology, one elective courses and a supervised fieldwork experience in some area of social work practice, typically a one-course internship (SO455) or the equivalent experience approved by the Director of the Social Work program.

Required Courses

SO101 Introductory Sociology
SO255 Social Welfare: Poverty and Public Policy
SO256 Social Services
SO357 Social Work: Therapeutic Interviewing
SO358 Social Work: Support Network Interventions or SO359 Special Topics in Social Work
SO455 Internship/Fieldwork


Choose one of the following:
SO204 Sociology of Aging, Dying, and Death
SO205 The Family
SO206 Social Problems
SO215 Criminology
SO216 Juvenile Delinquency
SO221 Deviance and Social Control
SO228 Sociology of Health and Illness
SO230 Social Movements: People, Power and Change
SO309 Gender and Society
SO330 Race and Ethnic Relations
SO335 Law and Society
SO342 Social Inequality
CJ328 Crisis Intervention
CJ350 Victims of Crime and Social Injustice
PY202 Child Psychology
PY203 Adolescent Psychology
PY204 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
PY205 Psychology of Addiction and Dependency
PY206 Health Psychology