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The study of Sociology gives the student an understanding and appreciation of the nature of society, social institutions, and people as social beings and creators of culture. Through systematic investigation and analysis, students gain knowledge and insight into the complex systems of relations constituting the modern world. Thus, students will be better prepared to make intelligent judgments in their own lives and to contribute more effectively to shaping society and the world.

Sociology provides a background for pursuing further study in sociology, business, law, social work, social services, counseling, communications, and other related areas. Sociology also prepares students for employment in the public and private sectors in such areas as management, public relations, human resources, applied research, public policy, administration, and teaching.

Students may elect the general sociology or social work emphasis. In addition, sociology majors may in consultation with their advisors, concentrate their studies in a particular aspect or discipline. Current concentrations are in Law and Society, Global Studies, and Social Justice.

Sociology Major Requirements: SO101 Introduction to Sociology, SO211 Research Methods, SO212 Social Statistics, SO325 Sociological Theory, SO453 Senior Seminar, and an additional four Sociology electives (excluding SO357, SO358, SO359, SO454, and SO455).

Sociology Major with a Social Work Emphasis Requirements: Students selecting the Social Work emphasis are required to complete SO101 Introduction to Sociology, SO211 Research Methods, SO212 Social Statistics, SO325 Sociological Theory, SO453 Senior Seminar, SO255 Social Welfare, SO256 Social Services, SO357 Social Work: Therapeutic Interviewing, either SO358 Social Work: Support Network Interventions or SO359 Special Topics in Social Work, and an additional two sociology electives (excluding SO454, and SO455). Students with an interest in Social Work may select either the Sociology major with a Social Work emphasis or the Social Work minor.

Course Sequence - Classes of 2015 - 2017

Please refer to the College Catalogue and consult with your academic advisor for recommended course sequencing. Revised graduation requirements for each graduating class can be found in the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
Language Language
Freshman English (or Science) Freshman English (or Science)
Sociology 101 Core Elective

Major Course Sequence: Students typically begin with SO101 in the first year, followed by SO211 and SO325 in the first semester of the junior year, SO212 in the second semester of the junior year, and SO453 in the senior year.

Sociology electives may be taken at any time. Students opting for the Social Work emphasis also take SO255 and 256 in the sophomore year and SO357 and either 358 or 359 in the junior year.