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Bede Benjamin Bidlack, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Boston College

I am a systematic theologian who utilizes Daoist thought to inspire new interpretations of Christian revelation. Two events attract my attention: Creation and Resurrection.

Daniel J. Daly (Chair)
Ph.D., Boston College

Bradley House, 206
(603) 641-7323

My current research develops a language for morally scrutinizing global social structures. It also investigates the ways in which social structures facilitate or impede a person's acquisition of the virtues. Medical ethics is my focus in the applied field. More specifically, I study the ethics of death and dying. I also serve as a clinical medical ethicist at both Catholic Medical Center and the Elliot Hospital in Manchester.  

Nichole Flores
Ph.D. (candidate), Boston College

I am a Catholic ethicist. My research emphasizes the contributions of Catholic and U.S. Latina/o theologies to notions of justice and the common good within plural socio-political contexts.

Rev. Benedict M. Guevin, O.S.B.
S.T.D., Institut Catholique de Paris
Ph.D University of Paris

Bradley House, 225
(603) 641-7053

As a moral theologian, my research areas include medical ethics, sexual ethics, and general ethics.

R. Ward Holder
Ph.D., Boston College

Bradley House, 216
(603) 641-7265
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My research concentrates on four areas. I work on the history of Christian doctrine in the early modern period -roughly the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. Secondly, I study the history of the interpretation of scripture. Thirdly, my work has more and more been drawn into the realm traditionally called political theology. Finally, I work on understanding the thought of the French reformer of Geneva, John Calvin.  Visit my research page for more information on my research projects.

Kevin A. McMahon
Ph.D., Marquette University

Bradley House, 226
(603) 641-7057

Having conducted my doctoral training primarily in the area of systematic theology, I have been concerned with a sustained reflection on the content of Catholic teaching and with the construction of an intellectual framework for the understanding of that teaching, a framework that is shaped by both Church teaching and its scriptural source.

Ahida E. Pilarski
Ph.D., Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Bradley House, 218
(603) 641-7686

My research focuses on the intersection of gender and culture/ethnicity/race in the interpretation of the Bible. Areas that informed my analysis include Biblical Hermeneutics, Gender Studies, Feminist Theory, Latina Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethnicity and Race. 

Kelley E. Spoerl
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Bradley House, 227
(603) 641-7054

My research interests focus on the development of the doctrines of the Trinity and the person of Christ in fourth-century Greek theology.

Sr. Maurreen E. Sullivan, O.P.
Ph.D., Fordham University

Bradley House, 223
(603) 641-7074

I am a Dominican Sister of Hope from New York and in addition to writing articles for my congregation's publications, along with articles and books on Vatican II, I have given numerous talks to our sisters and associates, and was invited to speak at an international conference in Rome. I have also served on the Extended Leadership Team for the Dominican Sisters of Hope.

Patricia A. Sullivan
Ph.D., Marquette University

Bradley House, 228
(603) 641-7090

Dennis M. Sweetland
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Bradley House, 224
(603) 641-7052

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