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ESTEEM Program

Saint Anselm alumnus Stephen Gaudet completed the ESTEEM ProgramEarn a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame in one year through the ESTEEM Program.

Saint Anselm College's big thinkers interested in creating new things and developing new methods can continue their education through the college's partnership with Notre Dame.

Technical Work, Entrepreneurship, Innovation
The ESTEEM program combines technical work with training and mentoring in entrepreneurship and innovation. It matches technical innovation with business know-how. Students will develop solutions to problems and establish a business to bring those solutions to the marketplace. ESTEEM stands for "Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master's."

To qualify, students must have a 3.0 GPA during six undergraduate semesters and must apply their junior year at Saint Anselm. If this program interests you, contact physics Professor Ian Durham. The ESTEEM program is open to all science majors including Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as non-science majors with a strong science background.

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Military Testing with Stephen Gaudet '11

Stephen Gaudet '11, was the first Saint Anselm graduate to take advantage of the ESTEEM program.

Now Gaudet works in the software engineering department at Raytheon, an Andover, Mass., based defense technology company. He now spends most of his time as an integration and testing engineer on sites in Utah and New Mexico. The equipment he works on is part of a multimillion dollar project that is in its late stages of development. Read more »

Photo: Stephen Gaudet '11

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