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Financing Semester & Year Study Abroad

Home School Tuition Policy & Portability of Saint Anselm College Financial Aid for Study Abroad

In order to give all students, not only those who can afford it, access to study abroad, Saint Anselm College has a home school tuition model. This tuition and financial aid model makes study abroad more accessible for all students, regardless of financial means, just as it does for all on-campus programming.  The model reflects the college's commitment to "expand opportunities for study abroad in ways that offer growth in global awareness, public service, intercultural competence, and intellectual enrichment" as outlined in the current Strategic Plan - Vision 2015: Looking Within - Reaching Beyond.

Saint Anselm College Policies Regarding Semester-Long Study Abroad

Students of all majors are encouraged to include study abroad experience in their curriculum at Saint Anselm College.  The following are the policies governing semester-long study abroad at Saint Anselm College.

  • To be eligible to study abroad, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, be a sophomore in their spring semestor or of junior standing while abroad, and not have any existing or pending judicial sanctions. Students must apply by the published application deadline: March 15th for fall semester and October 15th for the spring semester.
  • The study abroad program site must be approved by the Office of International Programs.
  • Students must maintain a full-time status by registering as a study abroad student through Saint Anselm College for the semester abroad.
  • Students studying abroad are required to receive prior approval from their department chair and the Associate Registrar for all courses listed on their Course Approval Form.
  • Students who have not completed the Saint Anselm College Application Form and Enrollment Forms and who have not attended the Pre-Departure Session prior to studying abroad are not considered to be studying abroad through the Office of International Programs.  As such academic credit cannot be transferred to Saint Anselm College for studying abroad during the academic year.
  • Saint Anselm College students who participate for a semester/year abroad will pay full-time Saint Anselm College tuition plus the $800 Study Abroad Fee. Students will pay the program provider or host institution for the room and board (if applicable) fees.
  • Saint Anselm students wishing to receive institutional financial aid must complete the full financial aid application by March 15th, one month earlier than the regular financial aid deadline. Eligibility for merit and need-based aid will be assessed using the off-campus aiding policy detailed in the consumer information. Thus, institutional aid will be proportional to a student's residential aid for the semester the student studies abroad. The following is a list of resources intended for use only at Saint Anselm and is not portable for study abroad: aid for international students; resident assistant grants; athletic aid; debate and year-book scholarships; and any full-tuition remission scholarships from any of the tuition remission programs. However, tuition remission recipients may apply for need-based aid for study abroad by submitting all required documents on time.

If you receive financial aid, you should make an appointment with Patricia Brunton in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your plans to study abroad and the impact of that on your financial aid package. 

In order to utilze your financial aid abroad you will need to complete the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid (PDF/216KB).  Take this form with you when you meet with Patricia Brunton. She will assist you in completing page two of the form.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Saint Anselm College does not offer scholarships specific to study abroad.  However, many of Saint Anselm College's affiliated study abroad partners do. Scholarships are also available through several outside funding sources. Scholarships for study abroad vary from as little as $300 to as much as $10,000. All students who apply for study abroad are given information about study abroad scholarships and all are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information about study abroad scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Resource Page.

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