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FAQs for Financing Study Abroad

1. Why do I have to pay Saint Anselm College tuition when I study abroad?

Saint Anselm College is committed to making study abroad a more integral and viable educational opportunity for all our students.  This means, in order for study abroad to be accessible to all students, the college has to be able to provide institutional financial aid for students on aid when they study abroad. To accomplish that, the college relies on tuition revenue, since institutional merit and need-based financial aid comes from this revenue. 

2. What if the program tuition is more than Saint Anselm College tuition?

Saint Anselm College will pay the program's tuition fee up to the Saint Anselm College tuition rate amount. Students who elect to go on approved programs with a higher tuition cost will be charged the tuition differential between the program rate and the Saint Anselm College rate.

3. What if I choose a program whose tuition is less than Saint Anselm College tuition?  What is the college doing with that money?

The Office of International Programs selects and approves study abroad programs based on their academic rigor and integrity as well as for the quality of their student support services. Only then do we consider cost, with the aim primarily of finding programs that do not exceed Saint Anselm College tuition so that students do not incur additional expenses.

Despite the cost of studying abroad, Saint Anselm recognizes the value of the international experience for the individual and the institution upon your return. To facilitate budget management, the college needs to work with a standard set of revenue intake and costs. Thus, we charge each student Saint Anselm tuition, pay the direct academic program costs and award institutional financial aid (grant/scholarship) at the off-campus rate. Depending on the students who choose to participate in a semester/year-long program, we estimate this could cost the college up to half million dollars.

4. I receive Saint Anselm College financial aid.  How will my aid apply for study abroad?

Students with financial aid who are approved to go abroad will have their financial aid package reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid for the semester or year that they will be abroad. The student will need to complete all financial aid forms by the March 15th deadline and will be reviewed for eligibility using an off-campus budget for institutional grant/scholarship aid. With the exception of federal work-study, federal aid, such as Stafford Loans, apply to a semester abroad.  Students may apply for outside grant resources or use loans to cover the full cost of studying abroad.

5. How will I be billed for study abroad?

When studying abroad, students will be invoiced by and pay the following to Saint Anselm College:

  • Saint Anselm College tuition
  • $800 Study Abroad Fee
  • Student Health Insurance (if on Saint Anselm College health plan)

Students will pay room and board charges directly to the program or host institution. In the instance where that is not included with the program fee, in whole or part (such as when the program provides a 14 meal per week plan), students will pay for their own living and food expenses. In addition, students are responsible for any other costs affiliated with the program such as security deposit or additional excursion costs.

Students remain responsible for airfare, passport and visa fees, any required inoculations as well as other personal items and expenses.

6. Can I take a leave of absence and get transfer credit when I return?

No.  The only way students can get Saint Anselm College academic credit for study abroad during the academic year is if they go through the approval process of the Office of International Programs. No academic credit is approved or awarded in any other circumstance.

7. How will my course work abroad show on my Saint Anselm College transcript?

The name of the program will be listed along with the course titles, amount of credit and grades received.

8. What about summer or winter break study abroad - do I still pay tuition?

The home school tuition policy does not apply to summer or winter break study programs offered through program providers since financial aid is not portable for summer or winter study. Students will pay the program fee directly to the program provider. If students elect to study on a Saint Anselm College faculty-led short-term program the student will pay Saint Anselm College the set program fee, including tuition.

9. How many semesters can I study abroad?

Students may spend a maximum of two semesters abroad (which includes summer or winter break study abroad in addition to or in place of a semester study abroad). Students are allowed to study abroad during the spring semester of their sophomore year or junior year. Applications by students wishing to study abroad during the fall semester of their senior year will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

10. How does Saint Anselm College choose and approve study abroad programs?

There are hundreds of programs, the quality of each is not the same. The approved programs list is regularly reviewed, evaluated and revised in order to insure that Saint Anselm College is approving only those programs that offer both high academic rigor and student support services. The Office of International Programs requires that returning students complete an extensive program evaluation as part of the review and evaluation of programs.

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