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Saint Anselm Junior Spends Semester Studying in Russia

July 01, 2010

Barbara LeBlanc
(603) 641-7241

MacDuff '11 in RussiaIf Daniel MacDuff, a junior at Saint Anselm College, has learned just one word in Russian, it is the word for cold.

Even growing up in Milford, N.H., did not prepare him for the winter he experienced as he studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. "Until arriving in Russia, I was unaware that wind may cause physical pain," he wrote in his blog.

MacDuff studied Russian his spring semester at the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. He said his true passion has always been languages. So although he is a criminal justice major, he also is earning certificates in Spanish and in Russian Area Studies. Certificates are the equivalent of minors at Saint Anselm, where every student is required to study at least two years of a language.

Dan said his interest in Russia also stems from family history. "My great-grandparents emigrated from Russia prior to the revolution and I hope to learn more about them and my heritage as I live as a Russian. I can think of no better place than the historic city of Saint Petersburg to begin this search. Hopefully this experience will bring life to the boring stories of "the old country" that I have heard since I was a child."

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