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Accepted Students

Once you have been accepted to your study abroad program by the program provider you will need to follow the steps below.
1. Program Acceptance 5. Finances, Aid and Scholarships
2. Passport and Documents 6. Housing Considerations
3. Travel Arrangements 7. Pre-Departure Orientation
4. Talk with your Family 8. Research your Destination

1. Program Acceptance

Let the Study Abroad Office know you've been accepted. Provide a hard copy of your acceptance letter to the Study Abroad Office.  If you received your acceptance by email please forward a copy of the acceptance letter from your program provider to

2. Passport and Documents

All students must have a passport to study abroad. You should already have your passport or have applied for it.  Apply now or if you already have one, make sure it will be valid at least 6 months after the end of your program.  Review the "Passports and Visas" section.

3. Travel

Book your flight.  Your program provider will provide you with information on purchasing your flight.

4. Talk with your Family

Continue to discuss your study abroad plans with your family: program location, costs, financial aid & scholarships, classes and grading.

5. Finances, Aid, and Scholarships

The cost of each program varies depending on the length, location, and other level of support. Your program provider will provide you with a budget sheet for your specific program.  It is important to share the budget with those helping to fund your studies. Studying abroad can be expensive; however, you can make this experience worth the cost and affordable.  Visit the Finances page for more information about utilizing your financial while abroad.

6. Housing Considerations

Inform the Office of Residence Life and Education that you will be studying abroad.  Students that have resided on-campus the student prior to going abroad are guaranteed housing upon their return from abroad.   Residential Life has set out the follow procedures for securing on-campus housing upon your return from studying abroad.

Spring Semester Abroad:

Steps for Participating in Housing Lottery when studying abroad in the spring:
1. Be certain to pay your $300 Housing Lottery Deposit before you leave.
2. Select a classmate to be your Housing Proxy.
- A Housing Proxy should:
- Be someone you trust- Know your choices for housing in the fall
- Be available to attend Lottery events in your place
- Know the best way to get in touch with you once they have selected your housing.
3. Fill out a Housing Proxy Form and hand it in to the Office of Residential Life and Education.

Fall Semester Abroad:

Steps for Returning to Housing after Studying Abroad in the Fall:
1. Contact the Office of Residential Life with your preferences for housing in November.
2. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your room request when your return in the Spring semester.

7. Pre-Departure Orientation

Students must attend a general pre-departure orientation that will cover all the general information you need to know in order to study abroad through Saint Anselm College (i.e. costs, academics, responsibilities, health and safety, and culture shock). You will also receive more program-specific pre-departure information from the study abroad provider organization you have chosen to go abroad with. 

8. Research your Destination

Learn as much as you can about your host country (language, history and culture, current social and political state of affairs). You can take a class; read books, magazines, and newspapers; surf the Internet; talk to people from your host country or who have traveled/studied there before; etc.