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How can you be sure that studying abroad is right for you? Do you have questions that a brochure can't answer? Wondering what other students have to say about their study abroad experience? Below are some frequently asked questions students ask -- answered by other students. Click through to each participants page to learn more.

Kendra Cahill

Kendra Cahill: You will meet people and make friends that you would NEVER (literally never) have the opportunity to meet in another situation. I had nineteen other roommates, which made up a HUGE portion of the friends I made while in Spain. I still talk to all of my friends at least once a day and I feel so lucky to have met all of them, regardless of my initial homesickness. Read more »

Sean Curran

Sean Curran: Studying and living abroad teach you so much about who you are as a person; while of course I learned a lot in classrooms and in living in France, the most important things I learned involved how I personally handled conflict up until my immersion experience. I realized in the middle of my semester abroad that I was less mature faced with interpersonal problems than I had thought I was, and it was well worth it after the semester ended to go through the growing pains and problems I did. Read more »

Jessica Ewald

Jessica Ewald: As a history major, I felt that studying abroad would offer a great opportunity to immerse myself in a culture that interested me, and would broaden my understanding of the world as well as enhance my understanding of European history.  I am particularly interested in Germany's role in European history from the late 19th century to present.  Salzburg is a beautiful city, located in the Alps near Germany's southern border, and is centrally located in Europe allowing for endless possibilities to travel. Read more »

Abby Krusmark '14

Abby Krusmark: Your study abroad semester will be the subject of many "mosts:" the most fun, the most memorable, the most inspiring, the most enjoyable, and the most enriching. It is hard to throw yourself into a new environment where you feel like an outsider, but the places you go and the things you experience will remain with you forever. Read more »

Jessica Serio

Jessica Serio: I was in Fiji with my entire study abroad program during my first week abroad. It was definitely a great way to start my semester abroad. We got to stay with host families, which was such a great experience. When you first think of Fiji you think of a tropical paradise, but some people in Fiji are actually living in poverty. There were six people living in a two bedroom house with no clean or hot water. It made me realize how lucky I was to be able to have the opportunity to study abroad since some people don't even have the opportunity to take a hot shower. Read more »

Kerri Shaughnessy

Kerri Shaughnessy: I wanted to study abroad to experience something new. It was my senior year and the last time I would ever be given such an opportunity. I felt I needed to grow a lot more as a person before I went out into the real world. I needed to be more confident in my skill set and my abilities to problem solve. I also wanted to be wowed by something. I am a philosophy major and I feel like I could never really understand the great 'truths' of the world to be true unless I saw what those philosopher saw firsthand. Read more »

Meghan Tunney

Meghan Tunney: The biggest obstacles I faced while studying abroad were managing my time and finances. While being abroad, one of the hardest things is having to be cautious of how much money you are spending. Because there are so many new things to see and buy, it is tough to decide what you can afford to spend your money on. Time management is also difficult while abroad because when you first get there you feel like you're just on a four-month vacation. Read more »