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The grades, A, A-; B+, B, B-; C+, C, C-; D+, D, D-; E, are assigned by each instructor to denote the student's academic performance. A indicates excellent work; B indicates work of above average quality; C indicates average work normally expected of a college student; D indicates below average work, but passing. E indicates a failure. The symbols + and - indicate intermediate levels.

In addition, the grades F, I, W, and WF are assigned by the assistant dean of the college with the advice of the instructor. The grade F indicates excessive absences. The grade I indicates that the student's work is incomplete due to missing a final examination with adequate reasons. After the second week of classes, a student withdrawing from a course will receive a grade of W (withdrawal) or WF (withdrawal/failing) depending upon circumstances. Incomplete work must be made up by November 4, 2013.

Any other inquiries may be addressed to: Summer School Office, Saint Anselm College, 100 Saint Anselm Drive #1732, Manchester, NH 03102-1310 or call (603) 641-7400.

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