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$640/ 2-credit course
$1,280 / 4-credit course (w/o Lab)
$1,600 / 4-credit course (w/Lab) 
$1,920/ 5-credit course
$500 / audit fee


$75 science lab fee
Studio art fee to be determined by course
$25.00 education lab fee
$50 registration fee (non-refundable unless the course is cancelled)

All students, including faculty dependents and staff, are required to pay the $50 registration fee. Payment is due in the business office at the time of registration.

Financial Aid

There are no specific grants of financial aid made for the summer program.


A student withdrawing during the summer session will be refunded tuition according to the following percentages:

  • Within the first week: 60%
  • Within two weeks: 20%
  • Over two weeks: 0%

In determining the percentage of refund, the date of withdrawal will be the date the student notifies the associate dean of the college in writing or submitting a course withdrawl form. Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal, nor relieve the student of the responsibility for tuition charges.

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