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Saint Anselm College at a Glance

The College


  • 1,915 Full-time
  • 53 Part-time
  • 1,968 Total head count
  • 60% women, 40% men
  • 76% of students are from out of state

Student/Faculty Ratio

  • 11:1

Student Retention

  • 90% retention rate
  • 75% graduate in 6 years


  • 146 full-time faculty members
  •  69 part-time


Student Life

Facts and Figures

At Saint Anselm College, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge and truth is a fundamental component of a meaningful life. It develops strong character and enables us to rise to every occasion. So we think it's important to have the facts.

Here are some of ours.

18: our average class size
9: number of U.S. Presidents who have visited campus in the past 50 years
20: intercollegiate athletic teams
60+: Number of campus clubs and organizations
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