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Merit Aid and Non-Need-Based Aid

What happens if I receive a scholarship from an outside source?
When you receive an award from an outside source, we will first fill any unmet need and then, if necessary, reduce your self-help resources (loan and/or work), and gift aid. We do this to encourage you to seek outside sources of aid. In recognition of the effort you made to obtain the award, we do not first seek to reduce your grant aid.  However, any scholarships awarded over the amount of unmet need and self-help may result in a reduction of Saint Anselm College grant and/or scholarship aid.

Students must notify the Office of Financial Aid of any outside scholarship(s) received due to the federal government's mandates. We must include all outside scholarships as part of your financial aid funding.

How do I apply for a merit scholarship?
Saint Anselm automatically considers all qualified applicants. We base selection on rigor of your high-school curriculum, secondary school grade-point average, rank in class, standardized test scores, overall superior academic performance, and extracurricular involvement.

Can middle-income families with relatively high incomes qualify for financial aid?
Yes. Families with two or more children in college at the same time, for example, often demonstrate financial need even though they might be considered in the upper-middle income category. The average family income of Saint Anselm freshmen receiving need-based grant or scholarship aid has been $75,275. Students who believe they need financial assistance to meet the cost of attending Saint Anselm College should apply for financial aid.

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