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Types of Aid

Students have many options when it comes to financing their education. Some forms of aid (scholarships and grants) come as gifts from the College.  To receive need-based Saint Anselm grants, a student needs to complete the CSS Profile.  If a student wishes to apply for state or federal grant aid, they need only complete the FAFSA.  Other resources come from private, outside sources. Grant aid does not need to be repaid. Low-interest student and parent loans also bridge the gap when financing your education.

Merit Aid
Merit aid is offered by the Office of Admission, in the form of College scholarships, to students who display exemplary academic credentials. Visit the Scholarships and Frequently Asked Questions section of this site for more information about merit aid.

Need-Based Aid
Need-based aid covers all scholarships and grants. Unlike loans, the money received is a gift and does not have to be repaid. This includes Saint Anselm College scholarships as well as state and federal government grants and scholarships.

It is common for many of our students to include loans as part of their financial aid package. These loans generally hold low interest rates and offer long-term repayment plans. The Federal Stafford Loan and Perkins Student Loan are the two most common loans undertaken by college students. To receive a federal loan, a student must complete the FAFSA.  For additional information on loans, please visit our Loans page.

Federal Work Study (FWS)
The Federal Work Study program offers students with demonstrated need the opportunity to meet some of their indirect costs by working part time on campus or off campus at an approved nonprofit agency for at least minimum wage. Students are authorized to earn up to a specified amount; however, they are not guaranteed employment to that level. To get FWS the student must complete the FAFSA and have need for the resource.  The  college assists students with their job search, but students must locate their own jobs.

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