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Payment Plan

In a continuing effort to assist the families of our students, Saint Anselm offers a Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) as an alternative to our standard payment arrangements. The MPP allows parents to determine how much of their annual tuition, room and board, and fees they may want to pay in equal monthly installments over 8 months. This allows families the ability to budget annual costs to best fit their individual needs.

A MPP worksheet is provided in the MPP brochure to assist in estimating the annual cost for your family, factoring in expenses less any scholarships, grants, loans, or other aid. The application fee for joining the payment plan is only $75 per year. There are no finance or interest charges.

Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) Forms

Calculating Tuition and Fees

To assist you in planning your budget, we have listed the following fees for 2015-2016.

Residence Hall Fee (includes meal plan)
Regular Dorm Room$13,334
Single Dorm Room$14,120
Building M Double Room$13,834
Building M Single Room$15,730
Croydon Court: Single Room$15,142
Apartment Housing Fees (no meal plan included)$11,878
Estimated Fees (student medical insurance or the nursing clinical fees not included)$1,610

When calculating your budget needs, we realize you may not be aware of all your costs for the academic year. We recommend you estimate your costs and adjust your plan when more accurate information becomes available.

Terms and Conditions

Enrollment in the MPP is accomplished by completing, signing, and returning the MPP application together with your first monthly payment and the application fee of $75.

Budget Amount/Payments

The total annual budgeted amount is payable in equal installments due on the seventeenth of each month. Only annual charges billed from Saint Anselm College may be budgeted. Budgeting in this plan is not permitted on a semester or term basis. All payments made through the MPP will be credited directly to the student's bill. If for any reason a refund is due you, it will be handled through established College refund and credit procedures.

Fees and Other Charges

The $75 application fee is non-refundable. Saint Anselm College will assess a $25 service charge against your account for any payment returned for insufficient funds or which is not collectible for any other reason. Saint Anselm College will assess your account a $40 handling charge for any payment received after the due date. Any fees assessed to your MPP account will be added directly to the student's account.

Failure to Pay

In the event you fail to pay the installment amount within 15 days of the due date, your enrollment in the MPP will be terminated and any remaining balance on the student's Saint Anselm College account will be due in full. We reserve the right to deny enrollment in the MPP.


Questions concerning the Saint Anselm College MPP should be directed to the Business office to the following office.

Tuition Payment Insurance

Tuition Payment Insurance is included at no extra cost in the MPP. Should the person who signed the application pass away during the monthly payment plan period, the remaining MPP payments will be paid in full under this insurance program.